Enjoy tax-free interest
with a Loanpad ISA

The innovative finance ISA, or individual savings account, lets you invest as much as £20,000 each tax year with Loanpad without paying tax on your interest. As long as you’re 18 or older and a UK resident, you can open a new ISA or transfer an existing one and enjoy all the benefits of a Loanpad account, completely tax-free.

Why open a Loanpad ISA?

Inflation-busting interest, tax free

Enjoy -% returns with a Loanpad ISA Classic account and -% returns with ISA Premium.



It’s quick and easy to open a Loanpad ISA and you can move money between your ISA accounts just as you can in your standard accounts.



You can reinvest or take out your interest – and move money in and out of your ISA account as often as you like (in the same tax year). Read more about a flexible ISA.



Our ISA accounts enjoy the same innovative risk protection as all our accounts: shared lending through established property lenders (lending partners), daily diversification, interest cover fund, and more.



You can transfer ISAs you have with other ISA providers to Loanpad and benefit from our competitive rates. And if you transfer previous years’ ISAs, it won’t affect your current year’s allowance.


3 simple steps to opening a new ISA with Loanpad


Sign up to Loanpad


Fill in our simple online application to become a Loanpad investor


Fill in an ISA application


Give us key details in just a few minutes - all being well, your ISA will be opened and instantly ready to use


Fund your ISA


Put your money in a Classic or Premium ISA account – or both. They work the same way as our standard accounts

Still have questions?

See our ISA FAQs